Casarina Simeulue Surf Resort

The Resort

Simeulue Casarina surf resort is the best and most layed-back of all the Simeulue surf resorts or surf camps. Located directly in front of the peak Jackals in the quaint Sumatran fishing village Nancala, Casarina is 12000 sq meters of parkland dotted with over 50 Casarina trees. Surf the A-frame Jackals with a hillside backdrop of tropical jungle mixed with aromatic lime, clove, and nutmeg orchards and which is the habitat of wild pythons, monkeys, parrots, and nesting sea eagles.

The Nature

Go snorkelling at the clear blue ocean reef to see beautiful coral and fishes underwater. For fishing enthusiast, arm yourself with fishing gear and expect for a bountiful catch. Explore the beautiful seascape by going for an island hopping and check out for nice cool waterfalls at the island and trek the green forest. Get to know the locals and their simple lifestyle through cultural trips.

The Wave

Surfing at simeulue is all about surfing the waves of Simeulue and directly in front of Casarina's cafe is the peak Jackals, a new 10 years old wave formed during the seismic uplift of Simeulues 2004 earthquake . A swell magnetic that breaks on all swell directions including passing southern hemi tropical storms that frequent the area during the offseason Nov-Feb. Along with surfing Jackals out front we can get you out to Tea Bags a short distance by boat from our local village Nancala. Also other breaks north and south of Casarina Surf Resort. Our more than 15 years exploring Simeulue surf we have unique knowledge and experience of this last frontier in surfing Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Food

Listening to the tranquil sound of breaking waves echoing thru Casarina's cafe as you take meals there, a mix of traditional Sumatran and Western dishes all prepared under the guidance of ex Banyaks surfboat cook Rina Purwati. Buffalo stews, Rendangs, asparagus like 'ferns' and wild mushrooms from the jungle, or western classics like spagetti bolognaise, country fried chicken, and burritos are only a few of the items on the menu. And of course heaps of fresh seafood and we bake daily fresh breads, cakes, and muffins.

Resort Facilities

Simeulue Waves @Casarina